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Artifact 10: The Wildflower Ruby Diamond Ring


✪ Limited Edition

A wildflower's beauty lies not just in its breathtaking appearance, but in its free spirit and steadfast determination to bloom amidst the obstacles of the untamed wilderness. Grow in places you never thought you would just like a wildflower!

The Wildflower ring is adorned in a ruby, a gemstone prized for its deep red color and durability. In ancient times, rubies were highly sought after by wealthy and powerful women who wore them as a symbol of their status and beauty.

One such woman was Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. She is said to have worn a magnificent ruby that was gifted to her by her lover, Mark Antony. It was a symbol of their passion and love, and it is believed to have been a source of great pride and joy for Cleopatra.

The Wildflower is designed with a unique shape that captures both an ancient and modern feeling of divine femininity.

Stack with The Absolution Band.

✧ 14K Solid Gold

✧ Certificate of Authenticity Included

✧ 5mm Natural Conflict Free Oval Ruby or Cultivated Diamond

✧ Hand carved detailing on front and sides of ring 

✧ 1.5 to 2mm Conflict Fee Diamonds

✧ 2mm band thickness

 Made in the USA

Ethically sourced

We use ethically sourced high quality natural and lab cultivated gemstones. Each stone is unique in nature and may vary in appearance, color and cut, but we offer the best selection available that meets our highest standards.

Our pieces are artisan crafted by master jewelers with meticulous care. Due to the handmade and hand-finished nature, variations and imperfections in the gold are to be expected and celebrated. No two are exactly alike.

Please note that sapphire gems may display color variations between due to the challenges in finding stones that closely resemble each other. We exclusively source high-quality gems, and our meticulous hand-selection process ensures their quality, but a certain degree of variance can be anticipated. You may add our Superpack Upgrade for photos post purchase that are selected to your specific requirements.

Process and Shipping

All items are made to order at our Scottsdale studio, meaning each one is specifically made for you with you. This handcrafted process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Rush order fee quotes can be requested by contacting us.

Shipping in the US is free on orders over $300. Rates for international orders are calculated at checkout.

18K Yellow/14K Rose/White Gold

To upgrade to a custom gold alloy, add your desired Superpack selection at the your time of purchase.

Please see FAQ for Care Instructions.

We use a combination of high quality natural and lab cultivated gemstones with solid gold. Our pieces are durable and can be worn all day and in the shower, unless they contain an opal. Opals are a porous stone that can absorb water and become transparent. We recommend to keep all opal pieces away from water.

Please be careful when doing physical activity to avoid any scratches to the piece or damage to the stones. Solid gold does not tarnish and all of our alloys are made in house with hypoallergenic clean materials.

To keep your gemstones and ring sparkling; once or twice a month, place your ring in warm water with a bit of dish detergent and let soak for a 10 minutes. Gently brush with a baby tooth brush around and underneath the stone setting. Rinse in warm water and dab dry with a soft cloth. This will keep it always looking new.

If you insist to wear your ring in the shower please note the diamonds or gemstones might become foggy due to oil in body care products and soap build up. This can be cleaned with the instructions listed above.

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