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Smol Warrior Necklace

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of strength. Our Smol warrior pendant is a tiny reminder that you have the power to conquer anything.

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We use ethically sourced, conflict free diamonds and gemstones for all of our pieces. 5% of all our sales are donated to the well being of our planet.

Our jewelers have 20+ years of industry experience. Every piece is handcrafted to perfection and proudly made in our Scottsdale studio just for you.

We create timeless heirlooms that elevate existing trends. Through powerful silhouettes, each pieces tells a story that sparks our imagination. 

A universal language
The language of jewelry is universal. Our sentences are made up of precious gems, each with their unique and magical properties. These sentences are wrapped in paragraphs composed of precious metals extracted from the depths of our own world. A piece of jewelry can tell a story where words fail. Our creations take you to a place filled with magic but grounded with a sense of realism, where you can simply close your eyes or look down at your hand and be transported to a world of fantasy.

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Sustainably minded

$5 of each sale is donated to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation - dedicated to the protection and well-being of Earth. 

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