"For generations the world has been obsessed with symbolism. Elements, colors and stories that transcend time and exist entirely in the spiritual realm. My obsession with symbolism has manifested itself in the form of handcrafted jewelry. An extension of my imagination and a library of experiences turned into wearable art. Love, Beauty, Divinity and Feminine Power are experiences and themes closest to my heart, they have become my guiding light in bringing this brand to life. I wanted to captivate the imagination through sacred creations that channel Goddesses, mysteries of the all seeing eye, and the infinite heavens; in a collection interlaced with stories that can be passed down for generations to come."




Nora Sermez is an Assyrian-Canadian, multi-disciplinary artist and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada.

Throughout her 15 year design career, she has developed illustrations, paintings, brands, photography and technology that have touched millions of people globally.

Nora’s passion for design started at a young age. Her mom, a former seamstress to award winning bridal gown designer, Ines Di Santo, encouraged Nora by supporting her exploration into the arts that eventually led her to be accepted into a leading fine arts & animation program in Canada.

By 20, she was freelancing for major design agencies and by her late 20’s she moved to Silicon Valley to lead design projects for Uber. It was her time in the Bay Area, where she began to fuel her appetite for entrepreneurship and where she decided to study and start designing fine jewelry.

In 2018, Nora set up a studio in Scottsdale, Arizona where she now works closely with a small team of master jewelers who have decades of experience crafting jewelry for David Yurman and Tiffany’s. Together, they look to fight the growing trend towards homogeny in the fine jewelry and bridal industries and create timeless pieces that are dainty, but not brittle… elegant, but not un-original and imaginative, but not cliche.

Nora Sermez has been recognized by publications such as Glamour, Vogue, Essence and Vanity Fair.