Journey back to wholeness

A sweet girl, turned into a bad bitch - “half goddess, half hell”....
Torn down by the perils of her life, she now carries a sword in her journey back to wholeness. To rise again...
Her experiences of love, devotion and power shape her.  Her strength begins to grow. "Like a rose," they say about her; "sweet and delicate, but with fierceness like thorns, ready to pierce."
Her only reality is what she is. And she exists in this world, so from this world she must look to find herself. A world measured by time, separated by ancient pasts, present awakenings and future fantasies. 
Her only companions, the gems of romance and mystery that cover her and her sword - the keys to her destiny and the energy she compels.
A divine woman, who conquers the world… a Goddess born by sheer self-will. A path laid a single stone at a time by the hands of the one who walks it. Under a sky not quite day or night, but the perfect balance of lightness and dark.