Intentionally rough.

Pretty as hell.

She’s one-of-a-kind. 

Her diamond should be, too.

Galaxy Diamonds aren’t unlike the woman who swept you out of your boots and sent you falling and landing here. They’re original. They’re obscure. They’re opulent. They’re her.

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Debunking De Beers.

Diamond quality is evaluated with what is called The 4 C’s: Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. 

De Beers has been able to dominate 30% of the diamond market by claiming to the general public that clear diamonds are the only diamonds that matter... 

Essentially, they’ve thrown the remaining 3 C’s (Cut, Carat and Color) out the window and with them, trunkloads of breathtaking diamonds.

Shots fired.

Drop Dead Gorgeous. 

Galaxy Diamonds are gorgeous on the eyes, gorgeous on her finger and gorgeous on your wallet. As they’ve formed, they’ve been exposed to carbon and minerals, which give them black and white striations and vibrant almost celestial colors that look as if you’re staring into a starry night. 

Did someone say Van Gogh?

Galaxy Diamonds 101.


Never Lab-Tested.

Lab-tested Diamonds are exactly as their name implies. They’re diamonds grown in a laboratory. Call us old-fashioned. But, we believe diamonds should be mined from the Earth (ethically, of course) versus concocted in a lab.



Blood Diamonds.

Diamonds, no matter how striking, should never cost a human life. Galaxy Diamonds are 100% ethically-sourced in Canada in safe working conditions by humans earning enough to put dinner on the table.


More bang for your buck. 

Because of the “imperfections” in Galaxy Diamonds –– “imperfections” so ravishing you won’t be able to peel your eyes from them –– you can get these gems at gargantuan sizes for a fraction of the cost of more traditional diamonds that check all the boxes on clarity but lack severely in the areas of color, carat, cut and character.


All the rage (before the rage).

Like Lab-Tested Diamonds, Galaxy Diamonds can be bought at a fraction of the cost of traditional diamonds. The difference, however, is that the artificial aspect of Lab-Tested Diamonds obliterates their resale value. Galaxy Diamonds, on the other hand, are natural and a quickly growing trend that may even increase the value of her ring.


Countless settings and sizes.

Like more traditional diamonds and their artificial counterparts,  Galaxy Diamonds come in a variety of different sizes and ring settings giving you and yours endless options to choose from.

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– fin –

Galaxy Diamonds are formerly known as "salt and pepper" diamonds. We've decided to give them a better name, more worth of their celestial beauty.